K-Pop Songs of the Summer Review: SNUPER – The Star of Stars

Over time, the K-Pop Review community has grown from a few individuals into a full subset of the internet. Now, TheBiasList, Kbopped, 10/10 – Music, Hallyureviews, Jei’s Kulture Notes, Deforested Music, A Floating Realm in the Corner, 8.5 Music, and Kpopreviewed are working together, to create a series, where we review some of our favorite collections of songs from the huge K-Pop catalog, with each of us choosing a song each to fit the theme. August’s theme is ‘Summer’, so here we all are with our favorite K-Pop summer songs to bring some refreshing sounds to your speakers.

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As someone who’s only been in the Kpop blog landscape for around a year and half now, it’s been an honour to be part of one of the largest collaborations in k-blogging history (or at least I think so). And with a feature description as intimidating as choosing K-pop’s all time best summer song, The pressure is definitely there for me to deliver. Especially after two great reviews of two fantastic tracks by 108ent and Bluerasberrysyrup. As such, it wasn’t easy picking a track. I’m someone who finds it very hard to get a top 1, always going through 3 or 4 different tracks that depending on my mood or time of the year could easily find themselves at the top of said list. Such was also the case here. I switched between tracks like Wanna One’s Energetic, BTS’ Boy With Luv and ONF’s Complete. But in the end, all it took was one play of Snuper’s The Star of Stars for it to beat out all the competition and reaffirm itself as my favourite K-pop summer song of all time.

Now what makes the Star of Stars so special? Well to understand that we must first go back to early 2016. This is when the pretty much unknown Snuper released a track that would go on to kickstart one of K-pop’s most legendary singles runs:

Platonic Love –> You =. Heaven –> It’s Raining –> Back:Hug –> The Star of Stars.

For those who have never heard of Snuper or any of their tracks, this string of back to back singles might not really mean much (though I beg you to listen to each and every single one If you haven’t). But for those of us who know, it’s truly extraordinary that a group with such little recognition, budget or fandom could string together such a pitch perfect run. And The Star of Stars took everything great about its predecessors and wrapped it up into a taut 3 minutes and 20 seconds of pop magic.

I’ve said this before in my reviews that the one thing I long for the most in a song is its ability to make me feel something. A great song should make me feel some kind of emotion. Good songs remain memorable thanks to a catchy melody or strong production. But legendary songs, like The Star of Stars wash over you like a wave. From its opening moments to its rousing finale, the track doesn’t take a single misstep, pulsing forward on a bed of tropical squiggles a constant sense of movement and lift. It’s like you’re taking off, a fitting analogy considering the engine like sample used to power the tracks gorgeous ascending pre-chorus. It’s not the most instantly gripping of introductions but Star knows how to build interest, teasing its key elements without spoiling the tracks killer moments.

We then transition into the first verse which feels so damn FRESH. Tropical house in 2017 was all the rave and quickly became oversaturated and given a different set of producers, Stars verses could have easily come off as throwaway or basic. But this is Sweetune we’re talking about here and they imbue every single moment of Stars with an undeniable sense of relaxed urgency. I know that is quite contradictory but it’s the best way I can describe the brilliance of Star. The instrumental pulses with an sense of drive but the performance remains light and breezy, perfectly complementing the season.

But nothing compares to Stars chorus, which ranks amongst the greatest K-pop if not pop choruses these ears have ever had the luxury of experiencing. The track retreats to it core, undulating rhythm here but gains further momentum through a fantastic, ascending melodic line that just opens up the track like a refreshing bottle of coke (not sponsored btw). And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, The Star of Stars hits you with its killer post-chorus. A moment so perfectly calibrated and catchy that it steals the show every time it rolls around, expertly conveying the sense of lift that I mentioned previously. The melody and performance carry such a great deal of emotion that it makes you feel nostalgic for moments that never even happened, launching you into an idyllic space that you just lose yourself in. Even if its just for 3 minutes. In the end, The Star of Stars is just sunshine in a bottle, and when you’re looking for a brilliant summer track, I don’t think you could want anything more than that.

That concludes my review for Snuper’s magnificent The Star of Stars. and the third overall review for the K-pop Songs of the Summer collaboration! Tomorrow, Jess from Jei’s Kulture Notes will be writing about one of my favourite girl group summer bops of the past few years. It’s a track from one of my favourite groups and I bet you’ll be grooving to the beat from its opening few moments alone.

Verses: 10

Chorus: 10

Production: 10

Performance: 10

Final Rating10/ 10


17 thoughts on “K-Pop Songs of the Summer Review: SNUPER – The Star of Stars

  1. I Love this post! and I love the song choice here aswell! The Star of Stars gives me musical catharsis everytime I hear it, from the goosebump-inducing build to the sensational part-two chorus and the use of robust synth textures in the instrumental. It’s more than Incredible, and The Last Sweetune “Masterpiece” which was given to us before they went on a big hiatus…

    Like I said before, I love this post! You accurately depicted what I feel about this song, I love the choice of words and It’s like you mixed in the formal with the informal (not sure if that makes sense). Overall, an excellent review for an excellent song.

    I’ll try my best to guess Jei’s post tommorow…is it…WJSN’s Boogie Up?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Further Inspections have bought out a *few* more options:
      Girls Generation – All Night/ Holiday
      Red Velvet – Red Flavour

      and the aformentioned WJSN track…

      Yep! the best I can think of! Or I maybe wrong and it’s a b-side, we’ll see…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Incredible review Arpydarpy!

    Thanks for the shout-out! This review also perfectly captures what I was looking from for this feature 🙂

    Also, I think you are more senior in experience than many of the bloggers in the feature, we all (minus TheBiasList and KPOPREVIEWED), in fact, you were one of the many to inspire me to start my blog!

    I don’t have much behind-the-scenes trivia, so I’ll just say that Star of Stars was my potential second-place pick for the song I was to review, and I am so glad Arpydarpy reviewed it. Had he not, I would have genuinely ranted after the feature finished lol.

    Looking forward to Jei’s review tomorrow 🙂

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  3. What a song recommendation! I guess for many people Snuper are still unchartered territory *cries* and what a fantastic song to bring to people’s attention! I completely agree with you in that this song definitely makes me feel something too – it brings a big smile to my face!
    Reading your review while listening to the song really made me focus in on the chorus and post-chorus and I feel like you have unlocked a new-found appreciation within me for this song! Thank you for bringing it back to my life *goes and adds to playlists!*

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The Star of Stars is probably one of my favorite K-Pop songs and Pop songs of all-time. It’s sweeping, airy and cloud-9 feeling of freedom and summer is just iconic to my ears. Star of Stars is truly the best summer song in the planet. I am a little intimidated and very nervous about what my post will contain. I hope I don’t create a mess. This review is brilliant! I cannot wait for others…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a song! It’s hard to say what’s the best part of the song honestly, but that chorus is really one of the best ever. Was a joy to read this! *-*


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