I've had quite a mixed history with DRIPPIN. I adored debut effort Nostalgia and last years Young Blood proved to be an equally addictive followup. In between we've had two phenomenal b-sides in the form of Overdrive and Reach Out Your Hands, songs that pointed towards a more dynamic sound for the young and incredibly … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: DRIPPIN – Zero

SONG REVIEW: Treasure – Darari (remix)

Well, what a pleasant surprise this is. When considering 2022's most underwhelming comebacks, Treasure's Jikjin is right up there. It's awful chorus acted as a smear to the tracks strong guitar assisted verses which pointed towards an exciting new direction for the group. And the general public reflected a similar sentiment, launching the laid back, … Continue reading SONG REVIEW: Treasure – Darari (remix)