3YE debuted last year with one of the more unique kpop member configurations and garnered some instant buzz as a result. Sure, it wasn’t as massive as some of the other debuts that we were graced with last year, it did show some promise. OOMM especially with its thumping Billie Eilish inspired pre-chorus indicated some interesting production choices, most of which translated onto this years Queen. A track which has grown on me substantially since its release. New single Yessir halts that transformation, instead opting for a loud, blustering hype track.

I’m always in the market for over the top hype tracks and in that regard 2020 has been in short supply. So boy was I hyped when I first heard the teaser for this track. The first thing that struck me when I heard Yessir was its use of marching band percussion. Some of all time favourite kpop songs draw from this particular musical flourish and any new attempt at it already gains my attention. Last year ATEEZ crafted the masterful Wonderland and much of Yessir plays to the same strengths. In essence it feels like a mix of Wonderland and Blackpinks Kill This Love and it harbours much of what made the former so great and the latter so lacklustre.

The tracks opening verse is an excellent introduction, combining dramatic instrumentation with equally charismatic vocal performances. It feels notably badass and transitions effortlessly into the standout pre-chorus. But rather than supply us with a larger than life bombastic hook, Yessir gives us a strong but ultimately standard central refrain. It isn’t bad, but it it fails to maintain the same unique intensity of its verses. This isn’t a bad thing, but it prevents the track from being truely transcendent. There are moments that do catch fire like during the bridge and penultimate chorus but much of the track feels to standard to really be up there with instant classics like Wonderland and Sixth Sense. That’s not going to stop me from replaying it over and over though.

Verses: 9

Chorus: 8

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5 / 10


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