SONG REVIEW: Burn It – Golden Child

When it comes down to consistency, few groups of the new generation are able to match Golden Child. Ever since their 2017 debut they have yet to release a bad song, shifting effortlessly between concepts without sacrificing the strong melodic base behind their tracks. And so when they announced that they were going to return with a Reggaeton based song, I was a little sceptical. Reggaeton is one of my least favourite musical genres and one that I wouldn’t necessarily associate with a group like Golden Child. So, does Burn It succumb to these genre issues or does it rise up through the ashes?

Well, it’s hard to fully realise on the first few listens. Burn It is a song that I believe will greatly shift in my eyes over the coming few days or weeks as there are many things I absolutely adore and others that fall abit short. But overall, Burn It is a strong example of the Reggaeton genre, taking hefty influence from the genres more expected elements whilst still keeping those unique Golden Child flourishes that we’ve come to love. The delivery remains suitably melodic, incorporating some addictive whistle samples that are interspersed perfectly throughout the track. This gives lends track an organic sense of development as it goes from the more reserved verses to the forceful vocal driven hook. And this is where both Y and Joochan show exactly why they’re some of the best current vocalists in the idol world with a performance that feels genuinely emotive. And the rousing, chant heavy post chorus that follows further exemplifies the pleading nature of the track, giving it an added anthemic layer for good measure.

But as much as I wan’t to love Burn It, the melody just isn’t there for me. It’s by no means bad but I think it just falls short. And much of that I think could be due to my personal qualms with Reggaeton. The entire track feels as though it’s kind of lurching forward without any consistent sense of drive. It lacks the kind of standout moments normally expected from Golden Child and that’s a little unfortunate. But it would be unfair to view Burn It through those same lenses. This isn’t a melody driven track, rather one that revels in the strength of its arrangement and emotive performance. And as such, the claustrophobic atmosphere and invigorating vocal performance do much to mend this and make Burn It a more alluring listen than initially expected. And while it might be a completely different sound for the boys, it’s one they pull of really well.

**12/08/22 update: Alongside my review for Blue Hour, probably the most I’ve ever underrated a song. This is absolute perfection from start to finish and EASILY top 3 Golden Child songs**

Verses: 8

Chorus: 9

Production: 8

Performance: 9

Final Rating8.5 / 10


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