SONG REVIEW: Brave Girls – After We Ride

The rise of Brave Girls has been one for the ages. The kind of tale that you would expect to see in an uplifting drama or film and one that definitely would seem unlikely in the real world. But yet here we are. From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, the girls have gone through a complete resurgence in 2021 with the sudden and completely unexpected explosion of 2017’s (great) Rollin’. And though many doubted if they could continue the momentum, Chi Mat Baram came swinging around the corner to rightly claim the throne as 2021’s undisputed summer anthem. New single After We Ride comes as a thematic sequel to last years city pop influenced We Ride and continues to prove that the girls possess a golden touch.

While most of Brave Girls’ material took at least a few days or even weeks to grow on me, After We Ride is the girls most instant track yet, harnessing a gorgeous, almost ethereal synth based instrumental that surges with a real sense of emotion. It’s pulled back in the way many modern pop songs are but the sheer atmosphere it creates is almost unrivalled. This is the mark of a fantastic production and After We Ride‘s luscious instrumentation and vocal arrangement is almost perfect. Nothing here feels out of place. No shoehorned elements, no random breakdowns, no throw down the gauntlet moment, just smooth, unfiltered song craft. A rarity these days and one of the main reasons why After We Ride feels so vital and exciting. It’s a track that moves from moment to moment with the utmost of ease. The first time around I didn’t even realise when the track had slipped into the chorus because I was just so engrossed with the entire production.

And while the hook doesn’t have the kind of meaty melodic punch that much of the groups other material has harboured, After We Ride is one of those tracks that doesn’t need a knockout centrepiece. It succeeds instead thanks to its flawless atmosphere and brilliant verses. It knows its strength, cycling back to its most potent melodic shifts when required and pushing forward when required. This is especially evident during the tracks immense finale when that gorgeous, ascending vocal riff previewed at the start of the track returns with renewed vigour, supported by some goosebump inducing adlibs and searing guitars. This is the definition of a tears on the dance floor masterpiece and I adore every single moment of it.

Verses: 10

Chorus: 9

Production: 10

Performance: 9

Final Rating9.5/ 10


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