SONG REVIEW: BTS – Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

6 years on from its release, BTS’ The Most Beautiful Moment In Life project remains my absolute favourite creative venture from the group. Gorgeously melodic whilst still playing around with genres, the entire project was what made me truly fall in love with the groups music in the first place and a sound that I’ve been aching for them to come back to. But as their popularity skyrocketed and their sound grew more and more stale, these hopes began to quietly fade into the background. But with their newest anthology album and accompanying title track, the group have conceptually reached back to their strongest era with a solid if rather inessential release.

But here in lies the problem with BTS songs that go down this particular route. Much like 2020’s Life Goes On, Yet To Come does very little to make itself stand apart from the groups very strong collection of melancholic pop tracks. Songs like Butterfly, The Truth Untold, Mikrokosmos and especially Spring Day are such a high bar for any group to reach let alone surpass so whenever something along the same lines comes around, it’s hard to view them without comparison to what came before. As such, Yet To Come feels like an unnecessary retread, covering already tapped ground with a production that feels nice but devoid of the transcendent melodic highs of their stronger efforts. And though that might have been fine in any other context, the groups lack of Korean output and releases in general alongside their incredible stardom has resulted in expectations always being very high. And though it may feel suitable for this current stage in the groups career, it reflects the kind of soundscape you would expect from a disbandment or farewell. Another disappointing notion to an already boring track.

This may all sound like I hate the song but I actually think its quite decent. The alt-hip-hop instrumental is very easy to bop along to and the supporting melody is also enjoyable enough. The autotune remains a point of contention but I like how the production leans into the more melodic and emotive aspects of the groups music. The boys also sound great as always and though their performance is nothing noteworthy, it’s still got that distinct BTS sound. Something couldn’t be said about their last single. And though I feel nothing from the song, I can understand how songs like this can have emotional value for fans (though they’ll love almost anything these days). But even in the context of fan service songs, we’ve already heard much stronger with the likes of Beautiful pt.3, Again and Still Life just in 2022 alone.

Verses: 7

Chorus: 7

Production: 7

Performance: 8

Final Rating: 7.25 / 10


2 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: BTS – Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

  1. I mean, I don’t hate this, I actually enjoy it quite a lot. However, it really lacks, especially when you listen to the album, and hear all the classics preceding it. I really hope BTS turn around, show that the best has yet to come.


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