The 100 Best Anime Openings Of All Time (80-71)

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80. Bullet Train – Burn! (“Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V” Opening 2)

Year Released: 2014

A track that’s in contention for my favourite Bullet Train song ever, Burn! was the boost that this initially laughed of series needed. The propulsive nature of the track coupled with some pitch perfect animation all lend themselves to an absolute stunner of an into.

79. Spyair – I’m A Believer! (“Haikyuu” Opening 3)

Year Released: 2015

Haikyuu is home to some great openings and the motivational I’m A Believer is one of the best. Its consistent guitar driven sound great and the driving chorus is right up there with some of Spyair’s best. But what really makes this opening stand out is the pov tracking shot during the chorus which remains one of the shows most inventive animation choices yet.

78. Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga – Sono Chi No Sadame (“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2013

The definition of manly, Sono Chi No Sadame wasted no time in introducing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for what it was. It’s one of the definitive first openings of the past decade and the unique art style coupled with Tommy’s glorious vocals make sure that it will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

77. Mamoru Miyano – Break It! (“Cardfight! Vanguard:G” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2014

A pure dance track that remains the single best piece of music Mamoru Miyano has released, Break It is just a solid piece of dance pop. There isn’t much else to it and while neither the animation and song alone do much to standout, together they form a formidable duo.

76. Funkist – Snow Fairy (“Fairy Tail” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2010

While many have heated discussions about which of Fairy Tail’s almost 24 openings is the best, I’m someone who still considers the first to be easily the most enjoyable. The melody here is just gorgeous, conveying a real sense of nostalgia that captures the shows more enjoyable moments perfectly. The supporting shots are also a great indicator for each of their respective characters.

75. V6 – Change The World (“Inuyasha” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2000

Anchored by a gorgeous, mammoth chorus, Change The World was a true stunner that kicked off the tale of Inuyasha with a bang. There’s just something so special about songs that tackle such classic song craft and harbour melodies with so much warmth and few songs are as potent in that field as Change The World.

74. Yui – Again (“Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2010

A big fan favourite amongst anime fans, the soft rock Again remains the standout opening for the masterpiece that is Fullmetal Alchemist. I love how the tempo and speed increase in unison as the imagery gets more and more frantic. The foreshadowing and themes explored over the course of this opening are just stunning once you rewatch it after completing the show.

73. Lisa – Gurenge (“Demon Slayer” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2019

One of the most recent openings on this list, Demon Slayer and its opening Gurenge absolutely exploded after the release of the shows 19th episode. And while Gurenge itself isn’t the most unique of songs, its iconic status and gorgeous animation are more than enough to secure itself a place on this list. I expect nothing less from Ufotable.

72. T.M. Revolution – Resonance (“Soul Eater” Opening 1)

Year Released: 2011

A classic T.M Revolution track through and through, the aggressive techno-rock driven Resonance was the perfect soundtrack the unique world of Soul Eater. It’s a total jam and works perfectly next to the shows unique animation style and rapid fire battle scenes.

71. Jin Hashimoto – Stand Proud (“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders” – Opening 1)

Year Released: 2014

I don’t have much to say about this one other than:

EPIC EPIC! EPIC!! (there will be a lot more of this as we go further down the list)


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