The 100 Best Anime Openings Of All Time (60-51)

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60. Granrodeo – Memories (“Kuroko No Basket” Opening 7)

Released: 2015

A great melody driven final opening for one of the all time heavyweights in the realm of sports anime, Granrodeo’s Memories lent itself to an animation that was equally at times intense and more restrained. The rousing chorus fits perfectly with the rapid fire gameplay and perfectly conveys the desperations of the players both visually and aurally.

59. Yui Horie – Asymmetry (“K:Return of Kings” Opening 1)

Released: 2013

An interesting blend of choral instrumentation and keyboard assisted melodies, the addictive Asymmetry was a track that only got better with every listen. Its serpentine refrain just keeps going and going and going, highlighted by a strong performance by Yui Horie. But if anything, the opening for under the radar show ‘K: Return of Kings’ was more a feat of visual excellence rather, with animation that is still gorgeous to this day.

58. Tommyheavenly6 – Papermoon (“Soul Eater” Opening 1)

Released: 2008

While T.M. Revolution gave Soul Reaper a bombastic first opening, the shows second intro dialled it back for a darker, more emotive sound to fit the darker tone of the following arc of the show. Thankfully, they chose the perfect song in Papermoon, which is home to one of anime’s most iconic central refrains and guitar subsequent guitar riffs.

57. Galileo Galilei – Aoi Shiori (“Anohana” Opening 1)

Released: 2013

“Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” or just “Anohana” for short was a massive feels train from start to finish, greatly elevated by the strength of its soundtrack. Ending theme Secret Base is what most fans will tie most strongly to the show but the gorgeous opening theme Aoi Shiori was no slouch either. The sheer amount of symbolism is astounding but it’s that great guitar loop that will stick with you long after its over.

56. FLOW – World End (“Code Geass: R2” Opening 2)

Released: 2009

The first of many appearances by the band FLOW (*hint hint nudge nudge*), World End was a fantastic final opening for what was essentially the anime version of Macbeth with robots. The entire thing is as you would expect but FLOW know how to compose a strong melody and the chorus is here instantly iconic.

55. Matsuko Mawatari – Homhei No Bakudan (“Yu Yu Hakusho” Opening)

Released: 1992

A real throwback here, Homhei No Bakudan (Smile Bomb) was the only opening for fan favourite show and OG Shounen blockbuster, Yu Yu Hakusho. Its visuals went through many iterations as the show went on but that irresistible funk beat is just too freaking good to dismiss. These are the kinds of tracks that live through the ages.

54. Masatoshi Ono – Departure! (“Hunter x Hunter 2011” Opening 1)

Released: 2011

Another Yoshihro Togashi work, “Hunter x Hunter 2011” kept Departure as its opening throughout its 148 episode run but changing its visuals in correspondence to the arc. And once again, the song choice was absolutely immaculate, perfectly capturing the adventurous and whimsical nature of the show whilst still having enough melodic variation to give off the feeling that something is lurking under the covers. A very fitting soundtrack for one of the greatest adaptions of the past decade.

53. JAM Project – Believe in My Existence (“Cardfight!! Vanguard” Opening 2)

Released: 2011

You can do much with a massive chorus and Cardfight Vanguard’s second opening, Believe In My Existence carries its honestly rather terrible animation quality with a song thats both fantastic and instantly iconic. The ascending chorus is pure bliss, evoking enough of an emotional reaction from the listener through a layered vocal arrangement and instantly recognisable melody.

52. Blue Encount – Day x Day (“Gintama 2015” Opening 1)

A pounding rock stomp that signalled the start of what would go onto not only be my favourite Gintama season but my favourite season of anime ever, Day X Day’s freewheeling energy and consistent drive were a perfect fit for the more comedy driven and lighthearted moments of the season. It’s perfect for a show like Gintama and the scene when the chorus rolls around remain an all time highlight. Just great stuff.

51. ChouChou – Yasashisano Riyuu (“Hyouka” Opening 1)

Released: 2013

Much like Believe In My Existence, Hyouka’s first opening Yasashisano Riyuu soars solely thanks to its gorgeous chorus. The melody is absolutely marvellous, surging on a gorgeous piano and guitar driven instrumental that just gets me in all the right places. That coupled by some truly fantastic animation that knows the art of framing and subtlety over non stop spamming and you’ve got something truly special.


13 thoughts on “The 100 Best Anime Openings Of All Time (60-51)

    1. The Pokemon Theme would have placed very high if the list didn’t only count Japanese openings or openings for the Japanese versions of shows.

      Since the Pokemon theme we all know and love is from the dub, it unfortunately doesn’t qualify.


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