The 100 Best Anime Openings Of All Time (50-41)

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50. The Du – Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable” Opening 1)

Released: 2016

We’re heading in to the big guns right now and what better song to kick it off than the delirious funk of Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town. This theme was something completely different for the show than what we had experienced during Stardust Crusaders but its sheer jubilance and infectious groove were enough to quickly win over any detractors. It wasn’t the first time Jojo went funk but it maintained the series’ extremely high watermark.

49. Shoko Nagakawa – Sorairo Days (“Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” Opening 1)

Released: 2008

A surging rock anthem bound to give you chills, Sorairo Days‘ towering arrangement and mammoth chorus are the perfect fit for this larger than life mecha show. The track is filled to the brim with explosive guitar solos and majestic melodies but in the end it wouldn’t be anywhere near as great without Nagakawa’s rousing vocals.

48. Aimer – Brave Shine (“Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks” Opening 2)

Released: 2016

One of the most cinematically gorgeous openings of all time, every single shot of Brave Shine has the potential to be a wallpaper. It’s absolutely incredible and is the peak of Ufotable’s animation ability, flowing perfectly between scene to scene whilst still maintaining a sense of real grandeur. But none of this would have mattered if the song itself didn’t live up to it. And thankfully Aimer’s airy vocals lend the dramatic Brave Shine the necessary majesty needed to support it.

47. Crystal King – Ai Wo Torimodose (“Fist of The North Star” Opening 1)

Released: 1984

The oldest opening on this countdown and one of the most iconic and influential in the history of anime, Ai Wo Torimodose soundtracked an era of over the top bombast that we would never see in the modern era. But that’s the beauty of it, harnessing its crunchy guitar backbone and slapping an equally as invigorating and emotive melody on top to create a true spectacle. The original opening is great but if you really want the full experience, I heavily recommend the movie remastering, which updates the production to make the entire package seem “bigger”.

Truly one of the heaviest sentimental love songs ever written.

46. ON/OFF – Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi (“Vampire Knight” Opening 1)

Released: 2008

Carried by the serpentine hook at the centre of the track, Vampire Knight’s first opening set a very specific tone for the show. And while it did have many lacking plot threads, the soundtrack was almost enough to compensate for it. The melody for Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi is stunning, weaving a story like soundscape thoroughout its run time before exploding into that instantly iconic multi part chorus.

45. LiSA – Oath Sign (“Fate: Zero” Opening 1)

Released: 2010

Another opening for the Fate series, Oath Sign was the first opening for the franchise when it was rebooted and acquired by Ufotable in 2010. And boy did it make an impression. Oath Sign is a classic LiSA song powered by some driving electronics and guitar that come together for truly powerful chorus. But much like Brave Shine, the real star of the show here is the animation, which feels as smooth and stunning as ever.

44. Orange Range – Asterisk (“Bleach” Opening 1)

Released: 2005

Easily the most aesthetic anime opening ever


43. Kanako Ito – Fatima (“Steins;Gate 0” Opening 1)

Released: 2018

Propelled by that massive synth loop, I’m in the minority that think Fatima is the stronger of the two Steins;Gate openings. It’s a track that’s tailor made to my tastes, pulsing forward on a relentless instrumental and keeping its momentum throughout its run time. The chorus is also immaculate, flowing flawlessly between verses and fitting the largely symbolic animation of the opening to a tee.

42. Ikimonogakari – Netsujou No Spectrum(“Seven Deadly Sins” Opening 1)

Released: 2014

While the quality of the Seven Deadly Sins anime can be best described as a negative linear function, the openings have remained solid throughout. But my favourite has to be the first, which harnesses a strong melodic backbone that gets better and better with every repetition and an arrangement that just exudes a sense of fantastical adventure.

0:11 – 1:30 for opening

41. Konomi Suzuki – This Game (“No Game No Life” Opening 1)

Released: 2014

The most viewed anime opening on YouTube at the time of writing, it would be an understatement to say that This Game is one of the most popular anime openings of all time. And that reputation is well deserved given its gorgeous melodic construction and punchy chorus that manage to convey both a strong sense of emotion and adventure at once.


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